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ADVanced Insights Assessment

Research shows that successful people commonly have a high degree of self-awareness including an understanding of their own behaviors, motivators, and decision-making styles.

The Advanced Insights Assessment  is a powerful resource for leaders who want to maximize their effectiveness when engaging with others. This highly-validated tool is used for coaching and developing high performers and for hiring the right candidate at any level within the company; particularly when making critical selections for an executive team.

The ADVanced Insights Assessment is a comprehensive trio of assessments, which includes:

  • The Attribute Assessment — Measures an individual’s thinking and decision-making preferences.
  • The DISC Assessment — Measures an individual’s preferred behavioral style.
  • The Values Assessment — Measures an individual’s preferred motivational style and drivers.

The Attribute Assessment measures the preferred decision-making style. Our preference becomes a subconscious force that affects our decision-making process and shapes how we perceive ourselves and others. The Attribute Assessment categorizes and measures decision-making preferences in three dimensions:

  • Personal — Prefers to make decisions based on personal point of view, feelings, and needs of self and others.
  • Practical — Prefers to make decisions based on real-world, task-oriented thinking.
  • Analytical — Prefers to make decisions based on concrete facts and data.

The DISC Assessment measures four dimensions of an individual's behavioral style:

  • Decisiveness — Preference for problem solving and getting results.
  • Interactiveness — Preference for interacting with others and showing emotion.
  • Stability — Preference for pacing, persistence, and steadiness.
  • Cautiousness — Preference for procedures, standards, and protocols.

The Values Assessment measures seven dimensions of motivation:

  • Aesthetic — Motivated by balance, harmony, and form.
  • Economic — Motivated by economic or practical returns.
  • Individualistic — Motivated by need to stand out as independent and unique individual.
  • Political — Motivated by having control and influence over tasks and people.
  • Altruistic — Motivated by humanitarian efforts or desire to help others altruistically.
  • Regulatory — Motivated by ability to establish order, routine, and structure.
  • Theoretical — Motivated by quest for knowledge, learning, and understanding.

Sample ADVanced Insights Profile Report

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Client Stories

“Like most people who have worked for large corporations, I’ve gone through my share of personality testing, team building exercises, and training. Without a doubt, the most useful and insightful sessions I’ve had are the ones with, my Executive Coach, Harvey Smith. Harvey’s interpretation of my ADVanced Insights Assessment helped me see even more in the data, which has helped me improve my day-to-day dealings with my boss, coworkers, and direct reports. In many cases, it lessened the stress of interactions with some of my coworkers. I also think coaching has made me a better manager of others.”

Moira Quinn, SVP Communications/COO

Becky Thompson

“As the executive recruiter for a financial services company, I no longer hire without utilizing the ADVanced Insight Assessments offered by Institute Success™. The value of understanding the behavioral preferences and motivators of a candidate helps us to make better hiring decisions. Once hired, the ADVanced Insight Assessment is an indispensable resource for the sales manager to use for mentoring a new employee to achieve more success more quickly.”

Becky Thompson, Director of Talent Acquisition

Tayuanee Dewberry

“Engaging in coaching with Institute Success™ has been an immeasurably valuable experience. As the director of a small non-profit agency, it is sometimes easy to put your head down and get buried in the work. Working with my coach has helped me pull back and begin to more effectively maximize resources by understanding the strengths and passions about those around me. During our short time together, I have garnered an increased awareness of my own behaviors and communication styles by leveraging the information provided in my ADVanced Insight Assessment combined with my coach’s enlightening debrief. This knowledge has helped me to make necessary adjustments and become a more effective and focused leader. With an extremely limited budget, a non-profit often makes professional development the first area to “trim the fat”. However, making the decision to invest in this level of coaching and professional development will certainly yield a healthy return!”

Tayuanee Dewberry, Executive Director