Module 1


Welcome to Module 2: Cut
The premise of the Free to Focus course is that you can achieve more by doing less. We usually think of less as a negative. But remember your Freedom Compass™. Less Drudgery, Disinterest, and Distraction is actually a positive thing–because it means more time spent in your Desire Zone. So in Module 2 I’m going to supply you with three tools for chipping, chiseling, and sanding your schedule into a masterpiece. I’ll help you understand and deploy the two most powerful words in productivity. I’ll also teach you how to leverage the power of workflows to start subtracting yourself from tasks while still getting the job done. And I’ll show you a proven method that will make you even more productive than if you cloned yourself. The best way to stay focused on critical projects is to cut everything nonessential. If you’re ready to learn how, start with Lesson 4 now.

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