Project Oxygen: Be a good communicator and listen to your team

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Communication is leadership and leadership is communication. Effective communication is the fifth critical behavior identified among the highest performing managers, according to Google’s Project Oxygen, an ongoing strategic initiative focused on defining what it takes to be a great leader.

Successful leaders know the art and skill of respecting, connecting and valuing each individual team member. They coach their employees by practicing active listening, asking powerful questions and providing constructive feedback. Open and good communication allows companies and employees to grow into effective teams and gives employees the opportunity to become exceptional leaders.

Understanding your communication preferences and those of your team can transform your personal and professional relationships. When you change your words, you change your conversations, which change your relationships, which changes your outcomes. Using a behavioral assessment tool, like DISC, can help you to reduce conflict, improve performance and increase collaboration.

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