Team Building with DISC Team Insights

Discover how Team Building can leverage DISC and Values assessments to develop trust and engagement for your virtual, hybrid or in-person teams.

Discover how Team Building can BUILD trust and engagement for your virtual, hybrid or in-person teams.

As a leader, you want an effective team able to deliver high quality results. You want them to work together, solve problems, and take pride in their work.

Yet people are difficult. You know what you need them to do, and for some reason, they do something else. If you find yourself thinking, "Why can't they just do what I tell them to do?" then you're not alone.

It's frustrating.

Add to that the miscommunications, the conflicts, the lack of focus, and disengagement. It’s challenging to create an aligned team.

At Institute Success, we understand how teams can impact your ability to deliver results. We've worked with hundreds of teams, both in-person and virtual, to transform how they communicate and work together so they perform at a higher level.

We use two DISC-based tools to deliver insights. 

The DISC behavioural-style assessment delivers immediate impact and helps your team members understand how they show up, and how others see the world.

The Values assessment is they key to long-term behavior change as it helps people understand their hidden motivations. They understand why they do what they do, and why they AVOID doing what they know they should do.

Values are key to engaging and motivating any team. When you, or any team member, knows the exact words and phrases to frame any message so it's heard clearly, the team dynamic changes instantly. 

When you know that your team member is a "High Economic" and a "High Political", it's easy to phrase a request by using language that cuts through to what motivates them.

"I'd like you to handle this project. I know you'll take the right approach and make certain it has a real impact for our client."

The High Political motivation wants to be in control and make decisions. The High Economic motivation wants to create a result. They are driven to make an impact. This message speaks to both those desires.

However, that same message would leave someone who is a "High Altruist" and a "High Theoretical" cold. They wouldn't hear the message in the same way. A High Altruist wants to help people, and a High Theoretical wants to learn or use research. 

The language for the same message could be altered to connect with their hidden motivations by saying:

"To ensure this project is a success, we need to research the best options, and present them to our client. It's an important project for them, so we need to be certain we're offering them clear options so they can make the best decision."

The real power comes from each team member knowing and understanding how to ethically leverage each other's hidden motivations to drive the work forward. This gives greater connection, tolerance, and engagement. People want to be proud of their work.

The Values assessment gives them the opportunity to understand what motivates them and reframe their own work in terms that excites them.

The Values section of Team Building With Team Insights will forever transform your team's engagement and productivity. The language is similar to DISC so it is neutral, easy to remember, and helps people take true ownership of their strengths and blind spots.

Here's how our Team Building

with Team Insights works:

STEP 1: Awareness

Do your team members realize their impact on the team? We use the DISC assessment to give people instant awareness of how they show up at work and how they could adapt. Thoughtfully designed to use unemotional language, it gives individuals a way to understand their strengths, as well guide them to greater awareness of their blind spots.

At a deeper level, they'll gain awareness of their hidden motivations from the more advanced Values assessment. They'll understand why they act in the way they do. Much of human behavior is unconscious. If you decide to have your team members professionally debriefed on their assessments, our coaches use a proven process to guide them to awareness so they are more open to adapting and achieve greater success.

STEP 2: Lightbulb moments

Before your team joins us for the live session, a coach will talk with you about what a successful outcome would look like for you and customize the training.

During the session, we'll guide your team through proven exercises. The sessions are engaging, interactive, and impactful.

Your team will appreciate their own strengths, and understand the qualities of other team members.

A natural outcome is for them to align in a common purpose. They become more understanding and tolerant of each other. Key to success is their awareness of "predictable conflict" and how to navigate it using their new common language.

A benefit to you, as a leader, is knowing how to have conversations with people 

STEP 3: Behavior change

Our clients tell us the experience is transformational, yet we're aware that our goal is for people's behavior to develop and grow long-term. For some team members, a one-off session gives them the awareness and tools they need to deliver success. 

Others may need more support over a longer time.

After the workshop, we hold a review session with you to create a development plan. If you're developing your people, we're here to ensure the transformation gives you the results you need.

To book a Team Building with Team Insights session, fill out the form and one of our Client Success team will contact you promptly.


We are so confident in the outcomes of our Team Building with Team Insights sessions we offer a full guarantee. However, there's nothing like experiencing the impact yourself. Only then can you know if it's right for your team. You may already know DISC, however, the Values section may be new and is where the real breakthroughs occur.

For this reason, we offer a free 20-minute session with a coach for you. You'll experience the insights we create and how our process can transform your team's awareness, engagement, and trust.

You'll also discover something new about yourself along with a greater understanding of your hidden motivations.

Experience the Impact Before You Buy

We know our Team Building with Team Insights session will deliver results. Through this 20 minute session, you can be confident you're making the best decision for your team.

Here's how it works:

  • Fill out the form now.
  • We’ll send you a link to take your own assessment.
  • Book your 20-minute session with a coach. They'll use your assessment to demonstrate the power of Team Building with Team Insights to build trust. 

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The 54-page report each member of your team receives gives them a full, in-depth report on their preferred communication style so they can gain insight and understanding. The report also includes "Values" which reveal their hidden drivers, so you know how to effortlessly motivate them.


You can leverage the information from page 22 of your Team Insights report. It gives you detailed and specific words and phrases to use to communicate clearly and effortlessly with each of your team.

Encourage your team to print the page and display it so any person on the team can use the non-judgmental language and create an immediate connection.


The innovative Team Insights graphic shows how your team relate to each other. At a glance, you'll understand why people on your team do what they do, and how they relate to each other.

This single graphic makes it effortless for your team to understand each other, leading to an almost immediate increase in understanding, forgiveness, and tolerance for each other. 


People are different. They communicate differently. They are motivated by different visions of success. What is important to one person is irrelevant to another.

In most workplaces, this leads to miscommunication and conflict. With Team Insights, you'll immediately spot where "Predictable Conflict" will arise, and be able to use simple tips and tricks to handle it, meaning your team will work more closely together.

Trusted by:

"If you get it right, you're pouring kerosene on the fire, and you are accelerating the building of trust and as a result productivity explodes..."

- John Comly, CEO American Safety Council

Institute Success

At Institute Success, we understand how hard it is to be a leader. The challenges never fade away when you're trying to balance the demands of the organization while looking after your people.

For nearly 20 years, we've worked with thousands of leaders. We create simple tools that deliver immediate impact, handing you the skills and insight you need to deliver the results you deserve.

30 Day No Questions Asked "Clear Communication" Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% "Clear Communication" Guarantee.

We know the impact Team Insights can immediately deliver, however if you don't feel we've delivered value and dramatically improved your team's communication (even between individuals in conflict) then reach out to us and we will promptly and politely refund your payment.

Here's what team 
Members are saying... 

“Establish a great connection with your internal and external clients, regardless of how they behave.”

“This was a unique opportunity to learn more about myself and how I can interact with my team. You’ll walk away with a tool of great tips on how to establish a great connection with your internal and external clients, regardless of how they behave.”

- Kortney Holtzhower, Team Member

“It taught me how to communicate even more positively with my team and co-workers.”

"It taught me how to communicate even more positively with my team and co-workers by focusing on my words, tone and body language. It also impacted our leadership team as a whole. We now have better communication and handle issues in a more positive way that benefits everyone involved.”

- Pam Jefferies, Team Member

How much productivity is lost by people feeling disengaged?

How much time and energy have you wasted because of poor communication or lack of engagement? How many people are not working to their full potential on your team? Fill out the form below now.

“Our culture has improved more than I ever thought possible...”

“We take every leader through this program and it’s had more impact on our leadership ability than any other program. My entire team is more engaged and our culture has improved more than I ever thought possible.”

- David Stophel, CEO