Imagine feeling you're in your rightful place, confidently making decisions and feeling in control.

Know Exactly What To Do To Regain Control Before You Lose Control...

Do you ever feel there are too many priorities and you don't know which to tackle first?

It can leave you feeling like you don't have control. It's easy to get angry or frustrated and upset the people around you, making you regret what you've said.

We believe it's wrong you have to feel like this. Nobody should work so hard they're exhausted and find themselves acting in a way that's not who they are.


Imagine feeling you're in your rightful place, back at the wheel, confidently making decisions no matter what life throws at you, and feeling in control.

Change your relationship with stress

Understand what impacts your stress balance. Stress is part of life, overwhelm isn't. You'll uncover how to stay in control while delivering.

Understand your triggers

Uncover what matters to you. Not just on the surface, but why it matters. Get complete clarity on what you are shooting for.

how to get your control and power back

Have an actionable personal plan to deal with what life throws at you. This isn't just about your 9-5, it's about you as a person.

Tackling overwhelm: Strategies and tactics to take back control.

At Institute Success, we understand how it feels. You're not alone. We work with hundreds of executives, and what you're feeling is common.  Our goal is to give you an actionable plan for you to step out of overwhelm and take back control. Here's how it works:


Step 1: Awareness 

Gain crystal clear insight into your strengths, opportunities and blind spots around your emotions, your reactions to those emotions and your interactions with others.


Step 2: Tools

We walk you through our specialized and proven toolkit of stress-busting resources. Immediately actionable, these are highly-pragmatic tools that work and make a difference. 


Step 3: Plan

You will leave the session with a customized plan so you are aware of the triggers that put you into overwhelm and can apply the right tool at the right time to put you back in control.

About Institute Success.

At Institute Success, we understand how it feels. You're not alone. We work with hundreds of executives, and help them to institute success in their lives.

Christine Kinney

Chief Program Officer

Christine brings a unique blend of expertise in leadership development and training.
She is passionate about mentoring and inspiring others—especially emerging leaders to achieve a balanced life.

Are You Ready to Break Free From Overwhelm?

Institute Success™ helped me step outside my work box – the intense and volatile world of hedge fund management – and realize that elusive life of balance. He helped me pare down work and boldly build up my passion for every day.

Pete Kean

President of Keane Capital Management

As the director of a small non-profit agency, it is sometimes easy to put your head down and get buried in the work.

Working with my coach has helped me pull back and begin to more effectively maximize resources by understanding the strengths and passions about those around me.

Tayuanee Dewberry

Executive Director

The program gave me the learning I wanted, the way I wanted it: smart, fast, interesting, engaging and quickly applicable. As an experienced leader, I couldn’t imagine what insights could be learned….and I learned A LOT. Bottom line? GREAT investment.

Ira Bass


An excellent opportunity to learn about the communication strengths and challenges. A great resource for leaders, business owners, and team members.

Michael Diettrich-Chastain

Business Owner

Tackling Overwhelm:  Three Proven Tactics To Take Back Control

Tackling Overwhelm is an online workshop to put you back in control. We'll share proven strategies and specific tactics so you feel back in control, no matter what life throws at you.


Self Awareness

This is the ability to recognize and understand your moods, emotions and drives, as well as their effect on others. This will allow you to make choices about how you want to respond, rather than letting the situation control you.

Your EQ

Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.


A resilient leader is a person who sees failures as temporary setbacks they can recover from quickly. You'll have the tools to "bounce back" from situations that could sap your focus and energy.

Stress Proof: Your toolkit

Your implementation kit unique to your situation and triggers. This is a practical plan that will give you the exact tools you need to navigate stressful situations so that you stay in control.


Here Are The Specifics:

  • In-depth EQ assessment to give you insight into your strengths, opportunities and blind spots around your emotions so you know where to focus your energy for the greatest impact.  
  • Live online workshop where our experts guide you through your assessment and how to create a customized plan to handle your stress.
  • Stress Proof Toolkit gives you a variety of options to handle your stress, meaning you have the right tools for you and your unique lifestyle. 
  • Self Regulation Tools hand you a way to manage your response to triggers as well as as well as exhibiting predictable and calming behaviour to your colleagues.
  • Trigger identification and action plan enables you to understand the specific people, words, and situations that negatively impact you... and creates an action plan to minimize their impact.
  • Lifestyle steps to combat overwhelm so you not only have tools to address the immediate issues, you also have a calmer lifestyle that reflects who you are.
  • Digital Workbook to write your notes and thoughts as you create your action plans.
  • Recording of the Live Event so you can review and refine your action plans as you become more skilled in managing your emotions.

Are You Ready to Break Free From Overwhelm?

What Other Leaders Are Saying...

Neville Poole


Design Your 2020 prepared me to live and lead in a year of unbelievable challenges. The techniques of planning my week and staying focused on my top priorities allowed me to make progress on my goals and adapt my plan to the never ending changes 2020 brought.

KJ Brent


I’ve been structuring my goals the wrong way my whole life. It’s been a humbling experience that helps me open my eyes to how I can grow. I had judged this type of workshop without experiencing them. I was wrong. So many people can benefit from this.

William Anfin

Founder of Walkin' Willie's Comix

Goal creation is a process and will reward you proportionally to what you put into it. The sessions was invaluable if you are wanting to accomplish things that you have been putting off. The value for money was excellent!

Adam Strader


It’s OK to make my goals more risky! They don’t need to be as boring as normal! If you’re not clear on your goals or how to make them real, you should attend.