Below the communication style are the "hidden motivators". These are seven key motivations each person is a combination of.

Every decision and action we take is based on our beliefs, our values and our attitudes.

  • Aesthetic - A drive for balance, harmony and form
  • Economic - A drive for economic or practical returns
  • Political - A drive to stand out as independent and unique
  • Individualistic - A drive to be in control or have influence/power
  • Altruist - A drive for humanitarian efforts or to help others
  • Regulatory - A drive to establish order, routine and structure
  • Theoretical - A drive for truth, knowledge, learning and understanding

Imagine you need a report written by Friday 12 noon.

If you were a high Political and a high Economic, you may naturally say:
"I need a report written for our client and I need it by Friday at 12 noon. It's critical to getting this next piece of work."

To you, that may be a clear message and obvious why you need it.

However, someone who is a high Altruist and High Individualistic wouldn't be motivated unless you couched the same request in different terms:

"Our clients need help here. They're not sure which direction to take. I think you've got a unique perspective on what they need to do. I'm meeting with them on Friday. Do you have time to write up your thoughts by Friday at 12 so I can talk them through it?"

Now you have their attention.

Think back to a time when you've needed to delegate a task, and they've not completed it in a way you need.

What if you'd known the words to use so they heard you? What if you'd been able to explain it so you tapped into their hidden motivations?

Would it have turned out differently? Would you be able to delegate more?

Suddenly, your workload is so much simpler. You have team members who are engaged. They hear your message. They know what you need. They're effortlessly motivated to perform.

Accelerate trust...

John Comly - CEO American Safety Council

It's enabled all of us to come together and work effectively together much faster than we would have otherwise. If you get it right, you're pouring kerosene on the fire, and you are accelerating the building of trust and as a result productivity explodes...

You are able to speak their language.

A word of warning. This works both ways. They'll know how to communicate and motivate you too...

Clear communication is the foundation for creating trust. When you have trust, people can perform and the results you can create together are transformed.

It all starts with understanding yourself and how you show up as a leader. When you have that insight, you can apply it to your team.

If you've completed a free DISC assessment with us at Institute Success, then you've already completed both the DISC and your "hidden motivations" assessments.

You'll have a report that gives you a degree of insight, yet it only comes alive when a coach walks you through the results. They are able to guide you in interpreting what it all means to you and your life. As you speak with them, you'll find "the penny drops" and things fall into place.

You'll understand what you do and why you do it.

There's no right or wrong. It's not a personality test. It doesn't show character flaws. On the contrary, it hands you insight and opportunities.

We have an offer where you can have a 60-minute, in-depth debrief with a coach who will work with you to add color to your assessment, and help guide you to a greater understanding of how to be a better leader.

It's hard to be a leader. It's normal to have self-doubt. Nobody teaches you this, and we believe that's wrong.

That's why we offer an "I'm a better leader" guarantee. If you unlock your full DISC and Values assessment, have a full debrief with one of our coaches, and don't feel we've upheld our promise then simply let us know within 30 days, and we'll promptly and politely refund your payment. No questions asked.

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