DISC Team Insights Hands You the Secret to Hiring the Right People, Motivating Teams, and Resolving Conflict So You Can Have an Immediate Impact on Productivity and
Focus on Business Growth

"It's like an MRI for the brain. When you can engage someone properly, they'll walk through walls for you...""

Communicate Clearly.
Get Your Team Working

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Transform Your Team's Communication... 

Introducing: Team Insights

Team Insights Creates Clear, Effective Communication

To create clear communication, we need to understand two factors:

People's preferred communication style and their motivations.

We can usually identify a person's preferred communication style by the way they behave. Within DISC, there are four main styles. 

Decisive - your preference for problem-solving and getting results
Interactive - your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion
Stability - your preference for pacing, persistence and steadiness
Caution - your preference for procedures, standards and protocols

If someone is "High" or "Low" on each scale, we can know the words that will bring out the best version of that person.

For example, a "High Decisive" will be interested in words that speak to results, challenge, and action.

But those same words will never resonate with a "High Stability" who has a different natural language. They are more likely to listen if you include words such as trusted, proven to work, and conflict free.

This one simple change can transform how you communicate with your team and how your teams communicate internally. It's important to note that when under pressure, people change from their "Natural style" to an "Adaptive style."

This matters because if someone is usually a "High Stability" but under pressure they become a "Low Stability" it's essential to know this before you have a critical conversation with them, otherwise you'll be using the wrong language.

However, the language you use is only the starting point. 

Imagine if you could not only get them to hear your message, but for you to effortlessly connect it to their inner-most motivations so they want to take action.

Create Highly-Engaged Employees

The real power to Team Insights is to understand an individual's hidden motivations by using a Values assessment.

When you combine a message they hear using their DISC assessment AND tie it directly to their motivations using their Values assessment, you create highly-engaged, productive team members.

(Just remember this works both ways. They'll know your DISC and Values and use it to communicate clearly and motivate you too!)

The Values assessment reveals why a person is motivated to do something. Some people are "High Economic" and are focused on results. Others are "High Altruist" and are motivated by helping other people.

Most people don't know their own motivations and giving them an insight into why they behave in the way they do can transform how they engage with their work.

Create High-Performing Teams

Imagine hiring the right person for the right role without having to read dozens of CVs or hire a recruitment agency, yet knowing they're a great fit for the team and company culture before you make them an offer.

Imagine on-boarding your new hire easily, so they can integrate into the team effortlessly and become productive quickly.

Imagine knowing where they will compliment the other members of the team, and where there's potential for conflict. We call it "Predictable conflict" as hoping miscommunication or conflict won't arise is unrealistic, yet giving your team the tools to instantly understand why conflict may arise and how to handle it means they bond and engage with each other rapidly. The language they'll use to explain and describe the differences between each other is non-judgmental and seamlessly becomes part of the team's normal communication so differences are celebrated for the extra value the different perspectives bring.

Our intuitive Team Insights graphs show where people are similar and where they are different. 

About Institute Success.

Hi, I’m Andy Painter, President of Institute Success. We help leaders achieve their full potential.

Communication is the heart of everything we do. In our roles, we have a responsibility to help others hear and understand the messages they receive. Unfortunately, across America this simply doesn’t happen and 70% of the American workforce is disengaged from their work.

We are determined to stop this waste.

Team Insights Is For...

Team Insights gives you a way to immediately enhance and improve communication between teams and individuals. 

Business Owners

How much time do you waste handling miscommunication when you could be focusing on new opportunities to grow and scale?

Put your team through Team Insights now and immediately reap the rewards to decreased miscommunication and conflict.

Business Leaders

Critical conversations are essential, yet it's so easy to delay or avoid them.

We understand because we've been in that place too. Team Insights will give you a way to prepare for all your team and 1-to-1 meetings so you can be confident the outcome will be well-received and motivating.

HR Managers

Do you ever have a leader say "I've got a great feeling about this candidate?" only for it to become your problem to resolve months later as conflict escalates (but nobody came to you for guidance)?

Team Insights tells you a candidate's true motivations and team fit before you spend time interviewing.

Team Insights Works to Improve Team Communication...


Step 1 - Each individual takes a 12-15 minute assessment

The assessments are held securely online and can be taken at any convenient time. The questions are designed to feel simple and ask the person to rank a series of words and phrases in an order that resonates with them. This simple yet deep process reveals their preferred communication style and deep-rooted motivations.


Step 2 - We send the individual their in-depth report and plot their results on a Team graph

Each person receives a report describing their natural and adaptive behavioral styles along with insights into their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Simultaneously, we add their styles to a Team graph so you can immediately see how they compare to the rest of the team. This is valuable for managing existing teams as well as evaluating potential new team members.


Step 3 - We talk you through what the information means to you and your team so you can make informed decisions 

The real value of Team Insights comes through the expert debrief session. While the Team Insights information is useful and immediately actionable, you can take advantage of our experience to interpret the results and help you understand how to implement it most effectively.

Your Next Step

Team Insights transforms how your team connects, communicates, and works together


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Team Insights takes 10-12 minutes to complete. As each assessment is completed, the participant is emailed their full report and you'll receive an instant update to the Team Insight Graph.

You'll immediately understand how your team relates and works with each other, how they prefer to communicate and what motivates them.

It's an instant "cheat sheet" to clear, transparent communication even if you have individuals in conflict.

What Other Leader's Are Saying

Institute Success™ helped me step outside my work box – the intense and volatile world of hedge fund management – and realize that elusive life of balance. He helped me pare down work and boldly build up my passion for every day.

Pete Kean

President of Keane Capital Management

As the director of a small non-profit agency, it is sometimes easy to put your head down and get buried in the work.

Working with my coach has helped me pull back and begin to more effectively maximize resources by understanding the strengths and passions about those around me.

Tayuanee Dewberry

Executive Director

The Engaged Leader program gave me the learning I wanted, the way I wanted it: smart, fast, interesting, engaging and quickly applicable.

As an experienced leader, I couldn’t imagine what insights could be learned….and I learned A LOT. Bottom line? GREAT investment.

Ira Bass


An excellent opportunity to learn about the communication strengths and challenges.

A great resource for leaders, business owners, and team members.

Michael Diettrich-Chastain

Business Owner

Transform Your Team's Communication Today

How much time is taken from you being forced to handle the fallout from miscommunication, friction and open conflict? How much productivity is lost by people feeling disengaged and not part of the team? Now is the time to take action and transform you team's communication forever.