Family Insights

Connect to the Most Important People in Your Life

These are unprecedented times. Like most of us, you are likely spending more time with your family than ever before. Imagine if you had a simple tool that can help  stop miscommunication and leave you feeling closer to your family?

By having a better understanding of those around you, you will see why conflict happens and be able to better navigate it. You will also be able to speak in ways that help others feel "heard and valued."

What you get

The Family Insights includes:

  • 60-minute webinar with one of a DISC+Values Certified Coach™ to help you better understand the tools and how to effectively implement them for sustainable results with your family. ($100 value)
  • DISC+Values Family Views, which easily illustrates the behavioral and values diversity of your team. ($300 value) 
  • Individualized DISC+Values Index Profile Reports for each family member. This 54-page report will help your family members improve their communications and interactions by better understanding themselves and one another. ($750 Value for a family of 5)
Family Insights
up to 7 family members
starting at $97

Good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after."     

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

See Diversity

See Perspectives

Understand Motivations and Drivers

Appreciate Individuality

Family Insights

Family Insights for up to 7 family members

DISC+Values Family Views

DISC+Values 54-page profile for each family member ($750 Value)

Access to 60-minute webinar ($100 Value)

Team Insights
for Business Teams
starts at $995

Team Insights for up to 30 team members

Interactive, on-line tool to help teams better understand each other

Includes personalized communication tips for each individual team member

DISC+Values Team Views

Identifies team similarities and differences where conflict can occur

DISC+Values 54-page profile for each team member

90 minute personalized Video Debrief with a Certified DISC+Values Team Coach ($750 Value)

Remember the Past.

Create the Present.

Inspire the Future.

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