“Like most people who have worked for large corporations, I’ve gone through my share of personality testing, team building exercises, and training. Without a doubt, the most useful and insightful sessions I’ve had are the ones with, my Executive Coach, Harvey Smith. Harvey’s interpretation of my ADVanced Insights Assessment helped me see even more in the data, which has helped me improve my day-to-day dealings with my boss, coworkers, and direct reports. In many cases, it lessened the stress of interactions with some of my coworkers. I also think coaching has made me a better manager of others.”

Moira Quinn, SVP Communications/COO

“I have worked with my coach for more than ten years now and I continue to be impressed with her empathy and wise guidance. She expertly transferred my professional experience into an impressive resume, which is second to none. Her gift of interviewing a client to find strengths and skills and then molding her findings into a strong, honest, and professional resume is a gift few have. Her resume writing has been highly praised for many years by clients and colleagues—she’s the best there is!!”

Joan Brennan, Community Service

Ira Bass

“In the course of a lifetime, you may meet only a few people who have a profound impact on you.  For me, Harvey Smith is one of those individuals. I can’t imagine what my life and career would look like without him. When I met Harvey, I was considering my next career move and I really had no idea how to go about finding a career in which I could leverage my strengths, be my own boss, and earn an income that satisfied my financial needs. Once Harvey partnered with me, I gained clarity about my vision for career success and we designed a strategy for implementing a plan and creating the business and career of my dreams. My company, IB Media helps businesses and individuals leverage LinkedIn to propel their businesses and careers forward. Without Harvey’s brilliant coaching, I probably would not have achieved my success as quickly as I did. I call Harvey him my conscience that sits on my shoulder.  He has given me the tools and ongoing encouragement to continue to succeed regardless of the challenges encountered along the way. Through hard work and being challenged along the way, clarity of vision is the end result. I’ve told numerous friends and associates about Harvey and what he has meant to me. I can honestly say that my success is a testament to Harvey’s skillful coaching and his unwavering desire for every client to succeed.”

Ira Bass, CEO, IB Media LLC and Connect To Success

“If you want to be more confident in your ability [to administer and debrief the DISC & Values Assessment] and have a solid foundation, take the workshop!”

Jason Perry, Communication Coach

Dan Garvey

“Working with my Institute Success™ Executive Coach, we developed a set of goals that were not just based on revenue, but things I wanted to change or improve in the business. My gross sales are way up as are my profits. I am more confident in my own leadership abilities. Before I may have been tentative about making changes; now we can go forward without fear. I consider my coach as a partner who helps my business succeed while I learn and grow as a leader. The way I evaluate the investment in coaching is by looking at the bottom line—at the end of the day, I see value. It’s something every entrepreneur should experience.”

Dan Garvey, President, United Brokerage Packaging

“Before working with Harvey Smith, my Executive Coach, I was an entrepreneur looking for people to fill the practice without a good sense of whether or not these were the right people for us. Through coaching and using the ADVanced Insights Assessment to screen and hire, we were able to build a team of office staff and practitioners that were aligned with our goals. After working with Harvey our business grew 450% in one year!”

Dr. Michael Smith, Naturopathic Physician/Business Owner

“Working with Institute Success™ helped us achieve the highest sales year since the company’s inception in 2003. Coaching pays for itself tenfold. Every meeting with my Executive Coach is highly valuable on many levels. I am not as stressed as I was; I feel that I can deal with any situation that comes my way.”

Chris Vigna, Business Owner

“I have owned a printing company for 20 years, and knew that we were stagnant in sales. Being in a small business and wearing many hats often leaves me with little or no time to work on my business. I realized that I needed a confidante and coach to help me address the critical, strategic issues that I was not able to get to alone. My Institute Success™ Executive Coach has a deep personal interest in my success and pushes me in the best ways.”

Clem Huffman, Owner of South City Print

“To say Institute Success™ helped me succeed through a challenging career transition would be a massive understatement. I met with my coach at a critical point in my career and through his guidance and advice, I gained the clarity I needed to make the best decision for me, and my family. With both confidence and conviction, I recommend Institute Success™ for anyone who needs a little help along the way with their career direction and strategy.”

Mike Dinerman, Director, Business Development

“The greatest benefit I received from working with my Institute Success™ coach for two years was the ability to clearly see possibilities and opportunities that weren’t obvious to me. Anyone wanting to make a career change—but not knowing exactly how to start—would definitely gain value from speaking with an Institute Success™ Coach. Your confidence will soar when you partner with a coach who believes in your ability to achieve success and reminds you to not settle for anything less than your passionate best!”

Cathy Crosby, VP, Bank of America                                                                                                                               

“I had the opportunity to work with Institute Success™ to achieve one of my most important career goals--what was it?  My coach’s unique style inspired me to achieve more results than I could have ever imagined.  He was a great listener and provided me with practical solutions that worked for me. I totally endorse Institute Success™ for career coaching.”

Khaled Alhamzawi, Branch Manager, Coram Healthcare

“Having recently sold my small businesses, I arrived in Charlotte with a vision of what I wanted to accomplish as a next step in my career. My Institute Success™ coach was instrumental in helping me to first gain clarity about what success looked like for me. Then, we co-created a plan to achieve my vision. My coach led me through a process that heightened my self awareness, taught me effective networking strategies, and—most importantly—held me accountable for taking action. My coach was a voice of reason and a friend throughout my career transition. I highly recommend Institute Success™ for career and business coaching because the insights and experiences I received were invaluable and I am forever grateful.”

Jim McManus, Career Client