Joan Brennan, Community Service

“I have worked with my coach for more than ten years now and I continue to be impressed with her empathy and wise guidance. She expertly transferred my professional experience into an impressive resume, which is second to none. Her gift of interviewing a client to find strengths and skills and then molding her findings into a strong, honest, and professional resume is a gift few have. Her resume writing has been highly praised for many years by clients and colleagues—she’s the best there is!!”

Amanda L. Cash, MSOD, Intellectual Property Professional, Executive Coach

“Thanks to the experience and deep-listening skills of my  resume coach, my run-of-the-mill, bullet-pointed resume was transformed into a well-crafted description of not only of my past accomplishments but more importantly of my future direction. My new resume clearly demonstrates an elevated sense of purpose and initiative. I highly recommend a resume consultation and to anyone needing a fresh perspective.”

Matthew Smurr, COO

“I finally have a resume that makes it impossible for a reader to miss my talents and skills. For the first time in my life, I am proud of what my resume says and how I am presented as an accomplished professional. Numerous interviewers remarked on its strength. My coach brought me out of the resume dark ages and to the very front of the pack—right to the hiring manager’s desk! How? By listening carefully, engaging me with thoughtful questions, and then converting my thoughts and passions into exciting descriptions of action and results. I felt I had a strong advocate and partner through the networking process. Truly exceptional. I will refer colleagues to my coach every chance I get.”

John Glasgow, Director of Business Development

“My coach did an amazing job of helping me differentiate myself in an otherwise crowded space of job seekers. My coach’s ability to verbalize those things that might not have otherwise been obvious to me have had a tremendously positive impact on my job search. She was extremely professional and did not hesitate to go the extra mile to conform to my time constraints. Outstanding all the way around!”