Hand your team the foundations to create trust, the starting point for any high-performing effective team.

Why It's So Challenging To Motivate Your Team

70% of the US Workforce is disengaged. They don't enjoy their work or feel part of the team.

This puts huge pressure on any leader. How can you deliver results when only a fraction of your team is pulling in the right direction?

This causes most leaders to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on the real value you can deliver, you're forced to try and engage and motivate people who have fallen out of love with their work. You find yourself taking on their work, so it's at the level you need.

“According to Gallup research, an astounding 70 percent of U.S. employees are not showing up to work fully committed to deliver their best performance. Adding insult to injury, 52 percent of those workers are basically sleepwalking through their day, and 18 percent of them are busy acting out their unhappiness”

The ONLY way you can create long-term success is through your team. You can't do their work for them. You need to guide them so they're engaged and hear your message and feel motivated to do what you need from them.

Team Insights gives you:

Clarity on how your team communicates and is motivated

Every person communicates differently and is motivated by different values. You'll feel like a light has been switched on, allowing you to communicate so they hear and act on your message.

Specific action steps to take to create ongoing team engagement

Your Team Insights gives you instant insight into how your team operates together, and explains why they do what they do. You'll know you have your finger on the pulse, able to develop an organized, productive team.

Expert coaching on how to make the most of your Team Insights

We don't leave you lost in all the data. We believe it's critical you understand the key points of the report so you are confident you're taking the right action at the right time. You'll finish your Team Insights Call certain you have the information you need to make an impact.

“Our culture has improved more than I ever thought possible...”

“We take every leader through this program and it’s had more impact on our leadership ability than any other program. My entire team is more engaged and our culture has improved more than I ever thought possible.”

- David Stophel, CEO

Here's How Team Insights Can Transform Your Team's Engagement and Drive...

DISC and Values for Each Member

The 72-page report each member of your team receives gives them a full, in-depth report on their preferred communication style so they can gain insight and understanding. The report also includes "Values" which reveal their hidden drivers, so you know how to effortlessly motivate them.

"Words That Work" and "Words To Avoid" When Communicating

Page 22 of your Team Insights report gives you detailed and specific words and phrases to use to communicate clearly and effortlessly with each of your team.

Encourage your team to print the page and display it so any person on the team can use the non-judgmental language and create an immediate connection.

Gain Instant Clarity into How Your Team Communicates

The innovative Team Insights graphic shows how your team relate to each other. At a glance, you'll understand why people on your team do what they do, and how they relate to each other.

This single graphic makes it effortless for your team to understand each other, leading to an almost immediate increase in understanding, forgiveness, and tolerance for each other. 

Understand Where "Predictable Conflict" Will Occur In Your Team

People are different. They communicate differently. They are motivated by different visions of success. What is important to one person is irrelevant to another.

In most workplaces, this leads to miscommunication and conflict. With Team Insights, you'll immediately spot where "Predictable Conflict" will arise, and be able to take simple steps to avert or handle it, meaning your team will work more closely together.

Your Coaching Debrief

You're not alone. When you complete your Team Insights, you'll speak with a senior coach who will guide you on how to unpack the information within the Team Insights so it's immediately actionable. 

We don't want you drowning in data. Our goal is for you to rapidly gain insight into your team so you can become a more effective leader and gain the results you deserve.

“It taught me how to communicate even more positively with my team and co-workers.”

"It taught me how to communicate even more positively with my team and co-workers by focusing on my words, tone and body language. It also impacted our leadership team as a whole. We now have better communication and handle issues in a more positive way that benefits everyone involved.”

- Pam Jefferies, Controller

"It's like an MRI for the brain. When you can engage someone properly, they'll walk through walls for you..."

- Andrew Trammel, President & CEO

What You'll Get...

Team Insights for up to 15 people. You will have a way to immediately enhance and improve communication between teams and individuals.

"Team Insights Creates Clear, Effective Communication"

Elevate your company's culture by helping people understand how people are different and using non-judgemental language to describe it

Understand how to have difficult conversations without worrying about conflict or miscommunication

What Has Disengagement, Miscommunication, and Conflict Cost You and Your Team?

There's a real cost to having a disengaged team. Instead of working to the best of your abilities, you're forced to firefight, handling the fallout from miscommunication, friction and conflict.

How much productivity is lost by people feeling disengaged and not part of the team?

It takes under 20 minutes for each person to take their Team Assessment. As soon as each one is completed, you'll be notified and the Team Insights will be updated, giving you unrivalled insight into your team.

From the moment you have your Team Insights, you'll start communicating with your team in a different way. They'll feel you understand them. They'll start to take more care in their work. They'll feel more engaged and part of the team.

Think about the important projects you're working on now and over the coming months. What greater impact could you have if your team was engaged and working well together?

Click the button to purchase your Team Insights now.

30 Day No Questions Asked "Clear Communication" Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% "Clear Communication" Guarantee.

We know the impact Team Insights can immediately deliver, however if you don't feel we've delivered value and dramatically improved your team's communication (even between individuals in conflict) then reach out to us and we will promptly and politely refund your payment.

“Establish a great connection with your internal and external clients, regardless of how they behave.”

“This was a unique opportunity to learn more about myself and how I can interact with my team. You’ll walk away with a tool of great tips on how to establish a great connection with your internal and external clients, regardless of how they behave.”

- Kortney Holtzhower , Supervisor

"If you get it right, you're pouring kerosene on the fire, and you are accelerating the building of trust and as a result productivity explodes..."

- John Comly, CEO American Safety Council


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What if someone joins or leaves my team?

Because the Team Insights is an online tool, it can be easily updated to reflect your current team.

What if I would like you to present the Team Insights to my team?

One of our senior coaches would be delighted to share the Team Insights and lead your team through a workshop or debrief, please contact us for details and pricing.

How will this help my team get along better?

After your debrief with one of our senior coaches, you will better understand yourself, your team members and where there might be predictable conflict. You will have a clear understanding of how to interact uniquely with each and every member of your team. In addition, you will know what motivates your team members and how to maximize your interactions with them.