Bite of the Cherry

Gareth's unique code is VOc4f2b06c_5e9a0d

Gareth's Training Style:

  • You may sometimes push to learn too quickly, without providing enough information.
  • You like to teach by example and action, not theory and fact.
  • You share knowledge with confidence and openly.
  • You can expect others to be responsible for their own learning and professional development.
  • You are more likely to instruct, then facilitate learning.
  • You tend to expect those you teach to move as quickly as you do, and not get stuck in any minutia.

Gareth's Communication Insights for Fang:

  • Don't get off the track and talk about other issues or items.
  • Be efficient: Hit the major points first.
  • Ask for input regarding people and specific assignments.
  • Do your homework and be prepared with goals, objectives, support materials, etc., but don't plan on using all of them. Have the material with you as support.
  • Be specific about what needs to be done and who is going to do it.
  • Be certain to emphasize next action-steps.
  • Avoid rambling discussion and wasting time.
  • Avoid leaving loopholes or vague issues hanging in the air.
  • Avoid being impersonal or judgmental.
  • Avoid making guarantees and assurances when there is a risk in meeting them.
  • Don't forget or lose things necessary for the meeting or project.
  • Don't 'dream' too much with the team or you'll lose time.