Business Collaboration

5 Key Activities of an Exceptional Leader

What the organization wants, values and expects from you (even if they don’t say it)

In the book, “Social: Why our brains are wired to connect”, author Matthew Lieberman states that less than 1% of leaders are exceptional.  That’s correct, less than 1%.

A solid resume and competencies are essential to getting the job; however, keeping the job requires what isn’t always in the job description. 

Share their vision

Exceptional leaders are proactive about sharing their vision. Share your vision of success for the organization, the individuals and yourself.  When everyone is clear about the big picture, there is greater role clarity and engagement. Share updates.  If that vision shifts or changes, don’t keep it in your head.  People aren’t mind readers and will resent putting their energy into an outdated plan of action.

Engage others

Exceptional leaders know how to engage others. By “engage” we do not mean that you only assign tasks. Job responsibilities aren’t just about the tasks you are hired to do, but the people you enroll in doing them with you. Leaders must learn to communicate with others in a way that builds buy-in and trust.

Deliver results

Exceptional leaders deliver results. Being ‘liked’ and being knowledgeable aren’t stand-alone traits; you are responsible for meeting the company’s performance expectations.  Make sure you understand what is expected of you, and discuss expectations at scheduled intervals with the leadership team.

Develop others

Exceptional leaders develop others.  Just as you would maintain an investment in a home or car, employees perform best when we invest in their ongoing professional development.  Are you providing your team with upgraded tools, training and learning opportunities?

Model exceptional behavior

Exceptional leaders model exceptional behavior.   Leaders are responsible for setting the example.  Live the examples that you want others to incorporate.  A strong work ethic, integrity, and respect are qualities that will make you a positive role model.  What other qualities do you want your team to emulate?